Exclusive Artist Profile: J’field Yeo

What’s your your name, sir?:

JY: J’field Yeo

Which sneakerhood do you represent?:

JY: Sunny island, Singapore

What’s the most interesting thing about where you’re from?:

JY: Little red dot on the map but packed with diverse culture, shopping & lots of great food

What’s the sneaker culture like there:

JY: People here definitely loves their mainstream kicks and sneakers, but in terms of custom sneakers, we are still trying to catch up with other Asia countries like Japan and Hong Kong.

Where is your favorite shop to buy sneakers from:
JY: Nike stores of course!

How did you got into custom-made sneakers (what inspired you to do it):

JY: It was in 2006 when I came across a sneakers customization competition and decided to give it a try. Was surprised that my design was selected to be on display at the store. That was when I realize this is something I really wanted to do and have not looked back since. It was only a year ago, I quitted my full time job and took on freelance design works, so that I can focus on the sneakers customization.

How many custom sneakers you have done so far:

JY: 15 so far, not including a few that I am working on right now.

Top 5 favorite pair of sneakers that you own:

JY: You mean top 5 of my favorite that I’ve customize? Frankly speaking, I love all of them but if I have to chose, Ironman Dunk for sure, follow by Captain America, Dynasty Treasure, Chinese Opera Mask (with my custom chinese knots) and of cos the dunk with silver polka dots for my wife.

What is the top pair of sneakers that you are looking for, that you don’t already own:

JY: At the moment, Air Jordan 1 Banned. Dying to have that! And also really hope that our local Nike stores can offer NikeID services for their Dunks.

When designing the ironman dunk, which part of the shoe did you start with:

JY: I started with partial decon, figuring which is the best way to fit the lights nicely into the dunk. The tongue was the first part I started working on.

How can people go about getting a pair of your custom-mades:

JY: They can visit our website at www.morethanarttowear.com and drop us an email with the design they have in mind. We will then get in touch with more details.

Do you watch NBA, if so, who’s your most favorite player/team and who’s your least favorite:

JY: Over here, soccer still dominates the fave sports and personally I am not so much of a NBA fan.

Thank you for your time J’field.  It has been a pleasure meeting a talented artist who not only embraces the sneaker culture, but contributes to it.  Your current and future fans greatly appreciate your excellent creations and look forward to many more in the future.  Don’t make us wait too long!

Here are the photos some of J’field’s work:


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