Nike SB Pro Victory Goddess Custom – Visual Show Case

Nike SB Pro Victory Goddess Custom
by More Than Art To Wear
(Run time: 3:16)

Video by Davyc3
Photography by J’Field
Beats by: Kool & the Gang, DJ Drama, Allied Force
Remixed by: yours truly

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More Than Art To Wear:

Description by J’Field:

“One of the main objective of this custom is a reminder of how Nike the shoes and sportswear company got it’s name. Nike, a Greek goddess signify Victory which is also the theme of this custom. And also to challenge myself to do something which I thought I couldn’t do it.
In order to show that nothing is impossible to accomplish. With patience, determination and perseverance, one can conquer anything with Victory. I decided to design and paint this pair of dunk with painstaking attention to details with images of Nike goddess and warriors at war.
The yellow base depict Victory, Glory and Honor. The suede Swoosh, shoe lace and tongue label are in red to depict blood. Because there is sacrifice in every Victory. Be it time, blood, sweat or strength. The heel of the shoe was painted copper bronze to depict the armor of a warrior and also to match the whole Greek theme and feel.
As for the box, with tight budget, it took me months to search for a suitable box. And finally I found an old and plain looking box. I have added a very vintage looking handle to the wooden box as well as fix 2 quardant hinge to keep the box stay at 90 degree angle when open. Almost search the whole country upside down just for the hinges. For the design of the box, I have painted the Nike Victory goddess replicating the Late Archaic (c. 480 BCE) lekythos, an olive-oil jar, Attic red-figure ware displayed at Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Some patterns have been added to the borders and the side of the wooden box to give it a very vintage and Greek feel.
The inner lid of the box, Nike logo was painted as a reminder again of the company history with a quote “Victory is paid for in sweat, courage, and preparation” which Nike use for one of their running campaign in the past. I feel that this quote is best to describe the whole theme of this custom.

To complete the whole custom, I’ve added lacelocks with face of an ancient warrior and printed inner shoe sole with a free stock image of Nike Victory goddess.

Image of the inner shoe sole credit – photographer Moon-WillowStock”

More detail photos after the Jump


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