NZ Sneakerheads Documentary

NZ Sneakerheads Documentary

Directed by Davyc3
Filmed by Davyc3
Photographic by Davyc3

New Zealand, A tiny national of 4 million people: Mostly known for it’s dairy products, Lord of the Rings Movie and it’s nature beauty. Sneakerhead culture in New Zealand still a sub-culture, almost unknown. But it is slowly creeping up, and it has been getting lots of attention lately. All of a sudden, a series of events started happening: sneaker camp out, sneaker resellers coming out of nowhere and people/companies start doing sneaker related events.

Is this a beautifully beginning for the New Zealand sneakerhead community all comes together? Or could it just turn into an opportunity for some to obtain commercial success? We don’t know yet. But this film’s purpose is to show the world who we are as a community, and shout: We are out here!

This film interviewed some of the active people from the New Zealand Sneakerheads community, and take sneak peek into the New Zealand SneakerHeads (NZSH) Summit that happened in May 11 2013.

– Davyc3

NZSH Summit 2013 Summary:
The inaugural New Zealand SneakerHeads (NZSH) Sneaker Summit was held over two days, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May 2013. With two separate event being held, on the Friday a swap meet was held, this was a chance for members to buy, sell and swap sneakers and clothes with one another and also bring their families along to get in on the action. Along with the swap meet there was a social basketball game for anyone who wanted to join in. The general atmosphere was a very positive one on and off the court, with members scoring buckets as well as scoring some fresh new gear! This was just a taster of what was to come on Saturday night as the main event of ‘Snacks and Sneakers’ was to be held at Co-Lab (owned by Member Bryan Eible). The party began at 7pm and members arrived in force, with the event being a free one drinks and food were provided through group members, with Wong’s Kitchen supplying delicious Chicken Wings and the donation of a Keg of beer from Speights. The music was pumping with some of New Zealand’s most established DJ’s on hand performing and music artists Che Fu and Pakks the General getting on the microphone. The atmosphere was fantastic and really positive, with the range of sneakers being worn by the people in attendance being even better. Jordans, Nikes, New Balance, Adidas in all colours and sizes. Bryan also donated a pair of Jordan 3 Crimsons which were won by a delighted Lee Ball. Overall an amazing weekend and the already family like atmosphere has become even stronger due to the success of these events.

– Sean McIntee

Here it is, available in HD quality:

I am NOT a professional film maker, I do NOT do this for a living. A lot of my own personal time and sweat were put into this film. If you really enjoy watching it, and want to continue seeing me to make videos like this in the future, subscribe to my youtube channel.

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