Random thoughts about Jeremy Lin…

Let me just make one thing clear before I start: All the debates about Jeremy Lin are straight up a waste of time. He is an American basketball player, who believes in God’s power above all else. Don’t waste your time trying to claim him to your “group”. He doesn’t represent just a “group”, he represents every underdog. Christians, people with Chinese heritage, Asians living overseas, Asians living in their own country, Americans, people who have been racially discriminated against… whatever! My point is, if what he does and what he has been through inspires you, that means he represents you.

As an NBA basketball fan who supports all underdog player success stories,  Jeremy Lin’s success story is not a fairy tale. Because he has been blessed with the talent a long time ago, he has always had it in him. It was just because he wasn’t discovered by basketball scouts and didn’t get “hyped” by the media in high school like Lebron James and O.J Mayo, and of course being a under 7ft skinny Asian kid does not help either. Everyone in the NBA is a good basketball player, no matter how overrated you think some of the players are. That’s a fact. 12 guys in uniform but only 5 guys can be on the court at a time. Most of the players still train very hard even when they are bench warmers, hoping that one day they’ll get a chance to shine. The difference between Jeremy Lin and those bench warmers is timing and the ability to capitalize on those chances.

For the NBA, the timing can’t get any better.  The NBA just came out of lockout,  Linsanity gives them the perfect opportunity to have a big boost in revenue. Personally, I also think Lin has a even bigger market potential than Yao Ming. Asian point guards in a NBA starting line up is extremely rare, also being a Christian Asian American covers a lot more fan base than if he is just an Asian player.

Nobody can shine forever, but everyone can capitalize on this “Linsanity” while they can. Basketball fans have more things to cheer about while anticipating the future of Lin.

This photo were taken by me at the GSW


~ by davyc3 on February 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Random thoughts about Jeremy Lin…”

  1. Lin is a great player. If the Knicks learn to play together, they could go very far in the playoffs.

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