So there were some photos leaked from the new Nike catalogue…

Since the new photos of Jordan 2010 leaked online, a lot of people have said that they need time to accept that the simple looking Air Jordan is going to be the Air Jordan signature shoe of 2011. After seeing this 2011 Nike Catalogue scan, how many Air Jordan fans are comforted by the fact that there will be another version of the Air Jordan 2011 coming out?

“This is an ultra-light weight high tech (Nike) shoe, which followed the same design concept as the Dwayne Wade Player Exclusives shoe.” (I assume they mean Air Jordan 2010)

It uses different material for the shoe’s upper and provides extra support.

The full-length phylon mid-sole feature with high-tech shock absorbing system, a visible “Air” and the built-in supporting plate creates a more stable landing for your feet…”

Last line is about the bottom sole patten of the shoes providing players with more explosiveness and quicker reaction time.

By now, you must be wondering what D. Wade’s new Jordan shoes look like. Well, 454094 001 & 454094 002 could be  our winner.

Via HC & wuhangong’s weibo

Via HC

~ by davyc3 on December 17, 2010.

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