Second thoughts… about them Nike LeBron VIII

At first, the sneak peek photos of the new Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Red/Black (Vision 1) kinda put me off a little. However, I am having second thoughts after see these new colour-way. I am totally digging the New Orleans/Lake Hornets colour-way: a prefect replacement for my Nike Powermax David West PE!  The all white one kinda reminds me a little of my Air Jordan XI silver anniversary, I love how the Icy clear bottom look on the shoes. Krispy and clean!!! Time to bust out my silver UNC jersey, without worrying about my Air Jordan XI gets dirty. lol And I can totally visualize myseld wearing the black and brown one with a pair of black jeans and my “Where amazing happens” t-shirt… umm… can’t wait! I got a feeling a lot of people gonna have to break their bank for sure! Cause there is something for every bball sneakerhead to be excited about in November this year. (Air Jordan XI Cool Grey, Air Jordan XIII retro, NIKE LeBron VIII, Under Amour Basketball collections, John Walls’ Reebok… plus some people are waiting to see if APL gonna break into the league)

Can you dig these colour-way?

There are actual product photos of  the New Orleans/Lake Hornets colour-way LeBron VIII shown on Solecollector’s forums,  and the word is that: those were fakes; the colour-way might not be made. Well, I hope not, cause this dope colour-way is going to sell like crazy. (At least if it ever gets made, I will get 5 pairs.) #WishfulThinking#


~ by davyc3 on August 23, 2010.

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