Battle of the remixes… T-pain

Ok, I know I know… lots of people feel that T- pain is annoying because:

1. He writes dumb lyrics;
2. He looks like a retard with his huge ass hat;
3. He looks like a retard with his big ass chain;
4. He needs a hair cut;
5. Calls his production company “nappy boy”;
6. Overuse of autotune.

1. Most people that go to clubs danced to “Low”…
2. He popularised white Oakleys from 2007-2008…
3. He popularised the auto-tune, (see Kanye, Chirs Brown, lil Wayne…)
4. He made some catchy songs…
5. He won 2 Grammy Awards… (bet you didn’t know that)

Now, please be the judge, and check these two remixes out and tell me which one is better.

Track one:
Name: T-pain – Digital DC Snatch-N-Run Remix(ft T-pain Young Joc Hurrican Chris)
Bit rate: 256kbps
Size: 5.60 MB
Time: 02:59
Download it here (rapidshare link)

Track two:
Name: Miguel – Digital Feat. T-Pain
Bit rate: 160kbps
Size: 4.32 MB
Time: 03:40
Download it here (rapidshare link)


~ by davyc3 on May 26, 2010.

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