Above The Rim

The movie <Above The Rim> is one of six movies that features Tupac Shakur. In this movie , Birdie(Tupac’s character) is a “successful” drug dealer who tries to recruit Kyle to play for his team in a local street basketball shootout tournament. Kyle is a talented local high school basketball star who is trying to impress the Georgetown University scout (who by the way is played by the Streetball legend Pee Wee Kirkland). Kyle is a ball hog who is he also having a tough time with his mid-range jumpers and easily gets distracted by others, usually resulting in team loses. As the story evolves, Kyle finds himself caught up in the drama between his commitment to Birdie, his Mom’s relationship with a security guard, the security guard’s relationship with Birdie and so on…

The cast of the movie: Bernie Mac(R.I.P), Duane Martin, Leon Robinson, Tupac Shakur, Marlon Wayans, John Thompson(former basketball coach for the Georgetown University Hoyas)

You can find the movie from a 3rd party. (We do NOT upload movies.)


~ by davyc3 on January 20, 2010.

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