How to spot fake NBA swingman Jerseys (On ebay/trademe/anywhere) part uno

It’s actually not as hard as you think to spot people selling fake NBA jerseys.

1. Material

Run your fingers inside of the Adidas NBA swingman jersey and feel the material.  The fake NBA jerseys are a bit rough on the skin, the real ones have a smoother polyester mesh.

2. Size Tag at the bottom right

The font on size tag is suppose be a skinny font.  The tag on the fake ones usually have a bigger font.

3. NBA tag

Usually the fake jersey’s NBA tag on bottom right are pointing towards the backside if you lift the jersey horizontally. The real ones are pointing towards front of the jersey.

4. Team Logo on the Size Tag

The team logo should be the same height as the NBA logo next to it.

5. Position

The position of every thing on the authentic NBA swingman jersey should be just right.  The logo and patten on fakes usually are different from the authentic ones.

6. Detail

Everything on an authentic Adidas NBA swingman jersey should be spot on.  The lettering and stitching frays easily on the fake jersey.

Real and Fake

Click to see the full size picture

Real and Fake

Click to see the full size picture

Reasons why you shouldn’t buy fake NBA jersey:

1. Respect the NBA player that you like, by wearing a real pieces. They work hard every day to entertain you, you should make sure they get pay.

2. Most of the time, the fake jersey that you bought were the same price as the real one! (or less than $20 difference)

3. People making those fake jerseys are usually working and living in a really bad factory environments and get pay something like $2 a day to make fake jersey. Adidas OEM factories are well chosen and inspected regularly.The workers are getting pay better, and have nicer living area.

4. Qualities of the jersey. After you wash the fake jersey couple of times, you will find that lining will become loss. And eventually the jersey will be out of shape, stitching will come off.

5. You will embarrass yourself in front of you friends. Don’t put an “el cheapo” label on yourself.

The Commandments of  buying NBA jerseys:  (Tip on not getting rip-off by dodgy jersey sellers)

1. Thou shalt always buy from legitimate authorised local NBA team shops or NBA stores;

2. Thou shalt always buy at authorised online stores like:,

3. Thou shalt NOT buy from online auction sites like: ebay, or ioffer or trademe.

Update on the new Adidas NBA Revolution 30 swingman jersey:

Click to see the full size picture

Update 15 JUL 2017:

I’m still responding to legit checks, but the best way to get in touch with me is here:





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  2. A great contest yesterday involving Boston and Miami. Got me on the edge of my chair!

  3. Thanks for the nice blog. I enjoy your writing.

  4. can you please tell me (if you can) if this lakers jersey is real or fake?

    thankk youuuuu

  5. Hey can u please tell me if you think this is authentic or fake?


  6. i just brought this is it a fake ? ?

    please help

  7. hi, i was looking to buy some jerseys off of ebay. can you please tell me if this jersey is legit?

    thank you for your help

    • Hi, with price like that unless it was on or 99.9% of time is fake. Plus another easier way to tell if its fake, just looking into the seller’s history look for clues.

  8. what do you look for in a seller’s history?

  9. I’m so glad I came across your blog! I have 2 questions for you:

    1) Are the jerseys sold on legit? I can’t afford the authentic jerseys, and the NBA store is out of the swingman jersey that I want in my size.
    2) Do you happen to know the difference between “swingman performance” and “swingman basketball” jerseys?

    • Hi Kobelo,

      1) Are the jerseys sold on legit? I can’t afford the authentic jerseys, and the NBA store is out of the swingman jersey that I want in my size.
      (They look like a legit shop, however I have never shop with them before. So I can’t really say. But you could do some research on them, or give them a call see if they sound like a proper company)

      2) Do you happen to know the difference between “swingman performance” and “swingman basketball” jerseys?
      (Judging by the info on the website, it just the name they added in front of the new and old model of swingman jersey. “swingman performance”: the newer Adidas Revolution 30 model. The “swingman basketball”: the model from last season. Adidas Revolution 30 jersey supposes to lighter, martial wise they are all polyester mesh. Just the old Adidas ones have a bigger breathing holes, Adidas Revolution 30 has a smoother surface.

      Hope these info helps, & enjoy your visit.

  10. Cool – thanks a lot!

  11. hi i dont quite understand what you mean by your third way of telling if its fake? backside? horizontally?

    • Sorry can’t help you with that. Already been using simple and plain English to explain. Can not simplify the language further. Excuse my limited English vocabulary.

  12. Hi!

    just stumbled across your blog and it’s been super helpful!
    thanks heaps!

    I was hoping to get your opinion on these jerseys from ebay please?

    i’ve noticed that the Hardwood classic NBA logo and the NBA logo underneath are different colours. is that a giveaway?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, thank you for visiting.
      And those jerseys are all fake.

      Too many give aways, here is few:
      – the “Length +2” tap
      – The fake stitching print in the big letters on the jersey
      – all the other fake jersey that the guy has listed on ebay

      Hope these info helps.

  13. Hi davy3c,

    Just came around to your blog, was a good read!

    Was looking through eBay and found this:

    What is your opinion of it? real or fake?


    • Hi Adrian,

      Sorry I can’t really tell from the bad photograph for that jersey. See if you can request a better photo from them:ask for the photo of the price tag as well. and I will have a look again.

  14. Hi, I love your blog. I’ve seen on some forums people using Chinese wholesaler websites to buy jerseys. They said that when they received them, they were legitimate. Can you confirm from this photo whether or not it looks real?–Black-smooth–9544/

    • Hi John,

      That site have “FAKE” written all over it.

      1. There is NO such thing as “Chinese wholesaler websites”.
      2. Adidas is currently NOT using Chinese OEM(factories) to make Authentic or swingman NBA jerseys.
      3. OEM sending any gear to private sellers means breaking the contract between OEM and adidas.
      4. Legit jersey retailers will not use such unprofessional display like that on their website.

      Hope this info helps.

  15. this is fake right and they say 10X money back.
    -It does not have adidas logo top left.
    -Not length +2 and material is different to legit swingmans.

    • hi KC, that jersey is 100% fake.

      FYI: Authentic jersey compare to swingman is a whole other game. Authentic jersey’s martial is exactly same as what NBA players wear on game night, the layout of the jersey should also be exactly the same as NBA game night issued jersey .

      So can you see the differences:

      Facts for Authentic jerseys:
      – Adidas Authentic jersey does NOT have jersey sponsor’s logo sewn on top part of the jersey
      – The old Adidas Authentic jersey uses numbers indicates the size instead of usual “S, M, L, XL etc” on swingman jersey
      – It usually a new released authentic jersey costs around USD250 – USD350

  16. great article davyc3 thanks so much…

    like the people above i came across this seller on ebay, was wondering if you think i should trust her. she says she sells 100% originals, but she has had some feedback suggesting she’s selling fakes, but she also makes a point of saying that the people saying she’s selling fakes are making a mistake because they dont understand that she’s selling revolution 30 and swingman jersey’s (she says this at the bottom of her listing)

    u think i should trust her? im from the U.K u see lol so i dont know too much on the details of the nba jerseys.

    thanks for any help u can give me,


    • Hi zac,

      When ebay seller using an official photo from NBA store, there is no way you can tell the jersey is fake or not. But amost 99.9% of the time: a brand new NBA jersey with a really cheap price like that, avoid it. If you read the discription, the seller said the jersey could be different from the lienced dealer. That totally just ring the alarm bell. If it look different than the ones in the retail store, mostly likely that jersey is fake.

      If you still need to convince yourself not the buy it, ask the seller to send you the actual photo of the jersey with tags. Then I can have a good look for you.

      • cool thanks for the reply davyc3 and thanks for the feedback, its been three days since i asked her for some pics…she aint replied so im guna follow your advice and not risk it…
        gotta just add you dont know how hard it is to buy nba jerseys over here in the uk, practically impossible to get any swingman or revolutions style jersey’s…so annoying lol

      • eastbay does international shipping, even NBA store does half price international shipping. Just look out for it.

  17. is this jersey real or fake?

  18. hi there, can i ask you if you think this is real or fake davyc3? many thanks

  19. is this guys jersey authentic?

    its the rajon rondo jersey in his listing.

  20. Can you tell me if this jersey is legit? Here is the link. Thank you

  21. Hey there can you tell me if this is fake or not?


  22. this may be a dumb ask but what you guys think about the ones from here

    im from uk and i ordered one, site seems legit but the jersey i got seems a little off to me so i dont know!

    • FAKE! First of all, the website stole the layout from an another website; Secondly, I don’t think they know the differences between authentic and swingman, or any type of jersey for that matter. Last, $35? are you kidding me?

  23. Hi, thanks for your nice blog. Could you please tell me whether it is fake swingman jersey or not. Thanks a bunch

  24. REAL or FAKE??? I have been using your methods and I think its real. Lets see if I am right. Thanks, great blog!

  25. Sorry the top link expired. Use this one please.

  26. ps. if you scroll down theyll will be up close pics of THE JERSEY

  27. Heres the sellers items and link.

  28. whats the difference? no tag?

    • Nope. The letter size and font on the size tag; Gap between the player numbers; Position of the “Adidas” logo to the collar; and few other details.

  29. And how about this bro? Thanks a lot


    Hi, I was wondering if these were fake?

    • Fake, everything on the site. Plus it looks like they stole some photos from different sites that sell fake jerseys.

  31. I know theses are not Authenic, but wanted to know if they are swingman jersey or just a replica of one. The weight of the Jersey and the net like holes make its seem to be at leeast a swingman.I can send a better pic to your email


  32. Thanks for this very useful blog. I’m from Uruguay and I can’t buy jerseys and other NBA gear from NBA store. Could you please recomend me sites that sell real NBA products? Thanks.

  33. youre a beast! thankyou very very much!

    almost got scammed.

  34. this real or fake sir?

    Thanks for the informative site


    could u tell me if this one is real or fake?

    thanks heaps!

  36. Hi, about this one ? can you tell me if this is fake or not ?
    Thanks in advance.

  37. Is this a real jersey? Here is the link

  38. Sorry about that. Here is another link for the same jersey. Thanks alot.

  39. Hi, its a very informative blog, really like it
    I am just started collecting jersey and been trying to collect the officially licensed one not fake, so if you dont mind can you help me by telling whether the jersey sold in these link below is real or not…..

    and here…

    Thank you…..:)

    • Hi James,

      Both jerseys are fake. If you really keen on collecting officially licensed jersey, ebay is NOT the place for you. Both this jersey are available on nba store. If you not keen on spending more than $50 on a current officially licensed jersey, you will more likely to get fake ones or used ones. If you want to score good bargains for authentic jerseys, the key is to be patient (wait until the sales start).

      • I see, so i quess it is better to buy on NBA store, the team official store or eastbay, is that correct ?
        Yes, i;ve notice eastbay already start giving discount on its NBA Jersey,
        Thanks for the info, will definitely not look on EBAY anymore then to look for officially licensed jersey.

      • You got it. Hey, and Good luck with that.

  40. great blog! Ws wondering if you could help me identifying if these few jerseys are fake or not:

    John Wall

    Carmelo Anthony

    Brandon Jennings

    thank you!

  41. Is this a fake jersey?


  42. thank you davyc3

  43. how about this guys? thanks 🙂

  44. Hey,

    In your opinion what do you think of this? real or fake?

    Thanks alot!!

  45. hey

    do you think this is fake?

  46. could you guys tell me if this is real or fake?
    ^look at the derrick rose one and tell me why it looks real/fake- i can’t really tell :/

    • Fake. Firstly, the whole jersey is not in the right shape; 2nd, size tag is wrong; 3nd, price/brand tag is wrong. Follow the guide line in the post above. Good luck.

      • ahh thanks man, i knew something was fishy- the price was too good to be true anyways for an authentic jersey… looks like im gonna have to go to champs! are there any other places that sell legit jerseys that you know of? (besides the nba store). thanks!

      • Those websites listed in the post above. I usually go shop at the local stores, it help the local economics. Champs would be a good place. Good luck hunting the jersey you want.

  47. Hey mate, its great youre doing your part to bring awareness to fake/counterfit jerseys. But ive noticed recently more and more fake ‘revolution 30’ jerseys are coming into the market. Have you come across any, where you can do side by side comparisons? (thinking of buying one as point of reference)

    • Hi Tino, Thank you for the prop! I refuse to spend a cent on fake jersey. It’s the principle. I have seen fake jerseys, and I have done side by side comparison. But most of the time you don’t even need to do side by side comparison, the difference is really obvious and easy to spot. You will develop a instinct for recognizing fake jerseys after a while. The only way to do that is to see as much legit jerseys as possible. If you don’t have chance to see a lot of jerseys, you can drop a line here anytime, I will do my best to help.

  48. all of you guys are idiots… players deserve to get paid? don’t they get enough money making millions and not giving a shit about their fans? spending money on drugs, alcohol and you want us to buy authentic jersey so they can have more?

    • Vancouver lost a NBA team because ignorant people like you do not embrace the sport. NBA players do give back to their local community and do care about their real fans. And to get to where they are, most of them worked really hard. Plus wearing jersey is a culture, whatever people choose to wear is NONE of YOUR business. You don’t like people buying authentic jerseys? Do yourself a favor and don’t visit this blog, we don’t give a crap about your opinions. You are embarrassing Canadians.


    is this jersey real?

  50. thanks alot man..btw,where can i get legit nba jersey online that ships internationally other that nba store?

  51. Hey man, thanks for all the info on the website. I was wondering if you could tell me if this jersey is real or fake?

  52. I’m really hoping this is a real Swingman Jersey…please let me know what you think…I know Fogdog has its own site but whether they sell real or not…your blog is very helpful but not I’m not so confident in any site anymore!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  53. Hi….
    can you help me to see whether this jersey is legit ?


  54. is this website fake?

    • Possible fake site. When I look at it the first time, seem like those photos were moved straight from the M&N website. I can even access the site the 2nd time.

    hey is this jersey fake? thanks in advance
    and do you know anywhere i can buy a jersey from and ship to Ontario Canada and for a good price because i cant find a local store with the same size and color and player jersey

  56. how do you spot fake nike swingman jersey??


    Real OR Fake? help please

    • Hi, rule of thumb: if the seller ON EBAY is base in China/ HongKong, the jersey would be fake 110% of the time. And yes, judging by the photo the jerseys are fake.

    • Not only you don’t appreciated the free help, you came back trying to discredit it. Fine, don’t ever come ask for help, and keep spending your money on fake jerseys, you cheap shit. Wtf is wrong with some of you people from Canada?


    I just received this from an amazon seller. Little suspicious since the lettering material is a bit weird, but I’m not to buying jerseys. They have pretty good reviews overall, but the I’m not 100% sure it’s fake or not.

    • Hi if you upload the photo of the actual jersey that you received on to free photo host service such as: flickr or photobucket. Send me the link I will have a look at it for you later.

  59. hi there, just looking at the swingman rev 30’s all don’t have the adidas logo at the back neck of the shirt like the heat one you have. Who’s correct?? cheers

  60. hey man can you tell me if this place is legit?

    ******************(website hidden)

    they seem chill but id rather be sure before droppin 300

  61. Hey I think it’s great that you’re helping these people out so they won’t scammed. Mind helping me out as well? Real or fake? Please & thanks.

  62. hey! is this real or fake?

  63. hey, I was wondering where do all the NBA swingman jersey’s are made. I got one made from Honduras and one made from Vietnam. Are any of these fake or authentic?

    • I can’t really tell you without a photo of the jersey. Jerseys are made in different places where the OEMs located in order to cut down the shipping time and cost.

  64. Great blog here! I was planning on meeting up with a guy to buy some jerseys. Can you tell me if they’re real or not?

    ******************(website hidden)
    Some extra photos of the Jordan ones he sent me were:

    Still awaiting photos of the Barkley one. Please help, thanks in advanced!

  65. thank you for the blog could you tell me if this jersey is fake

  66. Hi There davyc3! I’ve got a friend who really thinks he got a knowledge on spotting fake jerseys… can you tell me if the item and the seller is selling fakes? Then again he might just be right! Thank You!

  67. Hi! I really appreciate you taking time to help people out here, so I hope you can check this jersey for me too:
    I´m pretty sure it´s fake, since the seller is from HK, the BIN price is low and he sells quite a lot of jerseys that are normally rather rare / expensive. Please point out the details that lead to it being fake.
    Thanks so much in advance!

    • You were correct this is fake. 1st thing is the shape of the jersey is wrong, second the size tag/logo tag of the jersey is fake, 3rd the position of where everything is was wrong.

  68. Hey there! I was wondering if you could tell me if these jerseys are fake. Thanks!

    ******************(website hidden)

    • Hi Joe, I can not tell from these promotion photos, plus I haven’t deal with any of these seller before. Therefore I can not advise you on these ones.

  69. Hey Davyc3 loving the info your providing! I was wondering if you could tell me if this adidas hardwood classic jersey is real or not

    Looks good too me but your the expert comes with tags which I think u can make out at the top, any info you can provide would be great


  71. hey Davyc3, just purchased a Adidas Hardwood classics keving johnson phoemix suns jersey from ebay, the seller said he lost his job and needs the money and i got it for $24.98, it looks legit from the pic as far as your tips too spot a fake but i would prefer an expert like you too take a look, here is the pic from the ebay page

    /Users/christinaknapp/Desktop/Suns jersey.jpg

  72. Davyc3 how do I upload a pic onto here for you too look at? its on my desktop


    Try this Davy, I was able too view it

  74. Damn it lol ok when I receive the jersey prob Tuesday or wednesday I’ll snap some pics and put them on here, I do I upload a pic in a comment box by the way?

  75. I was wondering if this jersey was real or fake.

  76. Can anyone tell me if this jersey is real or fake?

    ******************(website hidden)

    here are some extra pictures:

  77. Link me to any legit sites that sell real Chicago Bulls jerseys? I’m planning on buying the black one.

  78. Hey man I was wondering if the jerseys on ******************(website hidden) are real or not?

  79. ******************(website hidden)

    ******************(website hidden)

    hey could you tell me if these are fake please

  80. real or fake please help!!

    ******************(website hidden)

  81. ******************(website hidden)

    ******************(website hidden)

    hey are these real or fake?

  82. is this real mate?


    real or fake, thanks


    this real?


    Is this jersey real? I didn’t know the retro nuggets had this color.

  86. is this real thanks

  87. wat bout this seem real?


    This real please help!


    Can you comment on this seller’s ebay shop please?


    legit or fake? thanks in advance, your blogs dope

  91. Hi there i was wondering if you could provide me with a place to buy real jerseys for a price that is simialr to the official NBA store. I would buy a jersey fro them for 45-53 us but the shipping is so much internationally 😦

    • That’s the problem for all international buyers. Provide feedback to your local authorized dealers, tell them what team jersey you would like to see more often. email to Adidas PR team is free 😀

  92. did you get my comment

  93. oh u didnt, so what i was saying b4 was that your blog was very informative and that i would really appreciate if you could tell me whenether the jerseys that this guy sells are fake or not (the problem is that ive already bought one like stupid but im now sure that its no authentic after reading this blog and i want to know if these are even real swingman jerseys so that i dont go off buying another fake jersey from this guy)

  94. oh you didnt get the website –>

  95. Hi thanks for page but was wanting to get you’re advice on a Greg Oden singlet listed on Football Fanatics

  96. Hey mate, can you let me know if this is a fake?

  97. or this one?

  98. Hi would like you’re advice on this jersey

  99. dude, is this real? or fake? and I would prefer you to send me a reply to my email @


  100. and yes, this too sir.

  101. hey im just wandering is this a fake jersey?

    • All fake on this seller’s listing.

      • and how do you know that?

      • By looking at the seller’s listing. The profile of the jersey is out of shape, tag’s font is wrong, just too many wrong things that give away. The only legal retailers in New Zealand carries adidas swingman jersey are: Rebel Sports, footlocker, Adidas stores/factory stores and stirling sports. If you looking at buying a brand new authentic swingman jerseys, you are looking at the wrong place to buy.

  102. so all made in china nba authentic jerseys are fake?…more specifically the shiny polyster jerseys that go for around 45$ are supposedly authentic, so they’re not?

  103. I just bought an authentic NBA jersey at an authorized national sports store. The number on the front is the number of the player listed on the official adidas/NBA tag. The number on the back and name are of a teammate. Is there any added value for this?


    Could you tell me if this if fake? Thanks! 🙂

  105. Hi there thanks for the blog, very helpful. I know the golden rule is don’t trust ebay, but does this one look real to you? The Size ‘M’ looks skinny like you indicated but I’m not sure how to judge the rest of it. And if its not, do you have any idea where I can find a legit Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns Jersey? only has Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerlie I have been searching for a Barkley forever.. It doesn’t have to be signed just NOT a fake or a replica. Thanks a lot!

    • Actually the material looks fake, they don’t see through like that. NBA sometimes do release player retro jersey due to popular demand, using search engine search for the jersey is a way to boots the trends. Try search for the CB jersey on google, but only click the NBA store link.


    could you please tell me if this jersey is fake?

  107. Is this site, ( a scam website? I want to purchase a Chicago Bulls jersey, but am not sure if it’s legit or not.

  108. What about this Derrick Rose jersey from eBay? Please help. Is it fake?

  109. Or this Carmelo jersey?

  110. Or this MJ jersey?

  111. Hey do you know if this guy (***_trksid=p4340.l2563) is selling fakes. Seems to have a good feedback history but I’m not 100% convinced yet.

    • Hi Clements,

      If you not 100% convinced, you should go with your instincts. And if they selling adidas swingman the same price as the NBA store website, why not try the official website instead.

    • Hi Clements,

      If you not 100% convinced, you should go with your instincts. And if they selling adidas swingman the same price as the NBA store website, why not try the official website instead.

      • I wanted to go with the NBA store but shipping to Australia is a rip off, would end up costing me a lot more than this ebay guy. I actually do think this guy is probably legit, however even a lot of the people selling fakes have pretty good ebay feedback so it can be hard to tell.

      • Its hard to judge by those photo on the listing. So its completely up to you to make the decision.

  112. Hi is this jersey fake?

    • Yep, it’s fake for sure.

      • Hi thank you for your reply. I bought that jersey and the seller has agreed to refund me the money. I would like to get a genuine jersey that one if possible but I am not sure where to buy from as I am from New Zealand. Can you recommend the best place online to purchase genuine jerseys that ship to New Zealand?


      • Hi Liam,

        Official NBA store website will be the first one I look for. Footlocker and eastbay they both carry some as well. Stay tune, we will post more legit websites to shop that will ship to New Zealand.

  113. Hi, is this real or fake?

    The seller has a wide range of jerseys and has received pretty good feedbacks.


  114. Wow , glad i found you! Ive been wanting to buy an authentic Derrick Rose Red Away Jersey from this website, ..and the site looks okay and legit but im not 100% sure and dont want to get ripped! the jersey i want looks good..but it looks like they just copied the picture off of , all the other listings look wrong or confused or seems off…can u tell me if is the real thing or not?

  115. real or fake?

  116. Hey there! I loved this blog, but I wanted to make sure with you how is this jersey:
    Its from Hong Kong, so I dont know if its legit or not, thanks!

  117. Hi would just like to know if these two sellers are legit as I have a few jerseys from them but now that I have read your blog I have a feeling I am gonna get a rude surprise. But if you do say they are fake can you at least point out how you came to that conclusion? Thank you.

    Both sellers have fantastic feedback which was why I went with them in the first place

    • Hi justin, if you take some time read the article above and look at the sellers jersey, you will find both of the seller’s products match the most of descriptions. They are both selling fake jersey. I am just here to provide informations, & it’s completely up to you if you want to wear 100% fake jerseys from them.

      • Hi Justin, those wording above is the plainest English that I can find, I can’t make it any simpler, plus there are sample photos for you to see. Best thing for you to do: is to bring the jersey that bought from them to your authorised local dealer and compare the jersey side by side. And I afraid I won’t be able to help you further, when you insist everything you see match the description & refuse to believe. Convince you is not what I am here for, I only here to give out information, how you use that information is up to you.

  118. Hi, I was just wondering if these jerseys are authentic

    and one of these sellers sells some jerseys without the tag, but tells me they are in plastic. that they got them in a closeout sale from Adidas, and that they don’t always come tagged, ever heard of that?
    they both have great feedback though.

    • Hi Johndaking,

      Most of the closeout sale for adidas jersey I’ve been to, they all has tags on it. But each place has their own way to do things, so that don’t really mean anything.

      The photo is too small. But some of the other jersey on his listing is fake. Avoid him.


      Ask him for the actual photo of the jersey WITH the size tag at the bottom of the jersey.

  119. Hi davyc3!

    I really appreciate your effort to make everyone aware of this “dirty business”. Bad news is – you can already guess it: I’ve become victim of it as well some months ago. Anyway, is the place to be from now on, even if that implies customs taxes (I live in Europe, Belgium).

    My question was: I couldn’t immediately find articles about fake shorts, but is that a common practice as well?


    • Hi Kevin,

      Yes, people do sell fake NBA swingman shorts on the internet. The problem is it’s very hard to spot the differences on the photo, because the size tag is usually hidden, it’s hard to tell from the Shape either. So I would look into the seller’s other jersey listing looking for clues (on ebay).

      Here is the major difference between the two: 1. If the shorts has pinstripe(Hornets, bobcats), the colour pinstripe on the fake shorts will fade after a few wash. 2. The end bits (bottom of the leg opening) of the shorts irritates your skin, after you wear it for a short time.

  120. thanks, by any chance, which jerseys that seller fullmoonjerseys are fake, i would like see to just learn more to easily spot out fakes, if you have the chance, i would appreaciate it greatly, thanks

  121. Hi, can you tell me if this is fake?

  122. Hey, I’ve had a look through this blog , its a great help. What do you think about this jersey?

    Or any of the other jerseys they have listed?

    or this guy

  123. hi,
    just want to ask your opinion about this site…is it fake??

  124. Hey how about this one?

    Could you have a look at a few of their other jerseys too? I’m still a bit wary

  125. Hey man – can you please let me know if you think this jersey is fake?

  126. how bout these??

  127. hey like your blog is .this fake

    • This is fake tj.

      • hey just wondering how did you tell it was fake ? and do you know any online site that sell real nba singlets .thanks tj

      • Spend years of buying jerseys and looking at jersey; font of the jersey, tag of the jersey, and shape of the jersey when laying flat. NBA Store is a good place to go. but if you want to buy authentic swingman jersey for cheaper, you need to be patient and wait for the 15% – 25% sales comes along.


    is this fake or real?

  129. Is this authentic swingman version of the jersey?


    I’m sure i know the answer already but i was hoping at this price it was just second hand or something.
    Could you confirm my suspicions that this is fake?

    • Yes, it’s fake. And they even used a promo photo of a replica jersey instead of swingman. It proved that they don’t know anything about the differences between two.

  131. Hey, could you please take a look at these:

    Fakes or genuine?

  132. hi, for the record let’s just make this clear i think what you’re doing – helping answer queries for free for the good part of a year – is absolutely amazing, mate. its people like you who in the end make the difference.

    on to my little conundrum: is this online store fake or real?

    cheers mate hope to hear from you soon. keep well and God speed.

  133. hey was wondering if this this is real .thanks

  134. that’s brilliant, sincere thanks mate. last favour for now, if you don’t mind:

    i know you advised against sourcing things in ebay, but sometimes we do find the odd great item, so i’d just like to ask.

    cheers mate – have a great day!

  135. il sito cheap jersey è affidabile?

  136. cheap jersey is a reliable site?

  137. roger that, cheers mate!

    real or fake?

  139. is fake correct? Thanks

  140. I bought a customized Jeremy Lin jersey and the space between new and York should be a bit wider. Why is that? Especially since I bought it off

    • Could be a lot of reason. Not sure, has to see the photo first. Plus if you living in the states, just return it and say you are not happy with it, then order it again.

  141. do you know if they are authentic or not? some look fake but yeah. They have JR Rider promoting them

  142. hey, wish i found this earlier. found a site where i thought about buying a Rubio jersey. but now im not so sure. it’s:

    i think all the jerseys are fake, but im not fully trained. could you take a look at the site and conform my feeling??

  143. Hello, is this jersey fake?? thanks for your time!!!

  144. http://********************************

  145. thank you for your time 🙂

  146. is this real or fake???***********


  148. It looks legit from the photo.

  149. Hey man, what up? I’d like to know if These Jerseys are fake? Sorry the pictures aren’t the best.

    I’m from Venezuela, any tips for getting Jerseys in here? Thanks a lot

  150. I got a jersey from and it didnt have a little white tag on the collar
    and its definately not a fake

    • Look out for the new updates on that in the future post. There are some difference between the 30 Rev from 2010-2011, 2011-2012 seasons. update coming soon.

  151. These are from *************** and I don’t know if these are real

  152. I know most of this is about the swingman jerseys, but i am interested in buying this jersey, and other “authentic” jerseys from this guy, just wondering if you can tell me if they are fake or real and explain there differences


  153. does this one look legit?

  154. Okay, does this look real?

    Final Question

  155. So can you give me your opinion on the jerseys?

  156. Hey i wanted to know if this was a real andre iguodala jersey cause i am not sure if the seller is legit

  157. Are these fake? have a look at the close ups of the jerseys


  158. this real or fake?

  159. Can you please check to see if this is a real ??

    Thank you!!

  160. Hey man, this really taught me a lot. Can you tell me if this vince carter jersey is real?

  161. And how about this one

  162. hey are these real thanks for you time********76ers-Youth-Size-L-Lenght-2-New-Tags-/380***=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item5892efd7dd

  163. Hiiiiii, i want to buy this but i dont know if its a swingman. Can you have a look please?????*****712&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123

  164. I see someone saw the sam product as i did in ebay but no reply, so can please tell me if this jersey is a real swingman*******n%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D7174467559181489185#ht_500wt_957

  165. Is this a real swingman jersey?

  166. I really need to know if this is real. Thanks for your time

  167. Oh my god, thank you for helping me. Can you have a look at these Michael Jordan Jerseys and work your magic?


  168. These all look fake to me yes?

  169. Hey i recently read this and it really help. But, im not sure if this is real. PLEASE HELP

  170. Can you help me out with this jersey??

  171. Thanks, how about these?

  172. I also thing this is real can you have a look at this as soon as possible????

  173. Looks fake, am I right?

    • You got it. All fake on that sellers listing BTW.

      • That realy annoys me, I paid $120 for a genuine one from Rebel and these rip offs can be picked up for nearly half and most people can’t even tell they are basically wearing shit.

  174. Hey i see so many fakes in these comments, i hope this isnt???


    bro, is this seller sell real stuff? legit?

  176. Hey this site looks legit

  177. Hy man can you have a look at these jerseys for me please??

  178. Is this a fake jersey??? PLZ REPLY!

  179. Hey I just want to know if this is a replica, can you have a look for me?

  180. Hey which one of these are a swingman and which ones are replicas????

    Thank you for your time

  181. How about this one

  182. I found jerseys for you to look at bro, can you take a look?

  183. Thanls for eveything, i think this is real

  184. Legit???

  185. does this site or jersey look real bro?

  186. Can you have a look at these for me?




  187. hi could you please check if this if fake?

  188. Is this website legit, its ben around since 1998


  189. I want to know if this is a real jersey, it says made in korea**************75

  190. Hey, do you know if this site is reliable? thank you

  191. Hey, can you please tell m eif these are real???********pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item****0d9********US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&has*****9

  192. I would like to know if this one is real

  193. Hey could you have a look at this one please?

  194. I need help with this jersey, i really cant tell if its legit

  195. I really hope this ones real

  196. Fake? please help

  197. Real or fake?

  198. Can you take a look at this?******-Size-Large-/300693302602?pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=i***

  199. This i real right?

  200. I really want this jersey

    is the seller’s jerseys real?

  202. Everything on this seller’s list is FAKE.

  203. How about this site?

    A lot of buyers already bought from him, i don’t know if the jerseys are legit though

    • No, its definitely fakes. even the ones he wears on the photos.

      • Thanks man. Sad thing is a lot of people gave him good feedback and thought all his items were legit. I happen to have made the mistake of buying one from him and after receiving the jersey I already thought it was fake.

  204. Hey man can u tell me if this is fake or not??

    is this jersey real?

    is this seller’s jerseys real?

  207. this jersey looks legit right?

  208. Is this legit??

  209. real?

  210. is this real cause i cant tell***81?pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item3f161**01bc

  211. this is fake?

  212. How bout this Swingman Revolution 30?

  213. Are jerseys from ***.com real or fake?

  214. Hi is this real? thanks

  215. Which one of these are real?

  216. i wanna know which is good


    can you check if this is fake? look okay..but im not sure.

  218. Hi i was wondering if this one is real. He says 100% authentic or money back;PdsSession=fd8691331360a5abe8f65e76ffe8475c?itemId=170748277584&cmd=VIDESC

  219. Is this jersey real bro?

  220. Which one of these are real?

  221. is this real bro?


    how bout this one?

  223. Are these real, they are sewn*******?redirect=mobile

  224. Please help me. I’m from Croatia and this is the first time I’m going to buy some NBA jersey on ebay. I found some which look like authentic ones, so please tell me is it’s correct:

    1st seller (those ones look really authentic, but the price in only 35$?)

    And these are the photos seller sent me when I asked him if this is the original jersey (I’ve marked one suspicious detail):

    If this are the fake ones, please tell me which details show that.

    2nd seller:

    3rd seller:

    Thank you very much!

  225. Explain me, please! 😦

  226. And this seller please?

  227. Hi is this authentic adidas jersey legit?

  228. is this a fake or not & can you why?

  229. please tell me if this jersey is fake?

  230. Thank you Davyc!

    Just something else…
    This seller fullmoonofjerseys also has store iz Bozeman, Montana, not only the ebay store. Is it possible to sell fake jerseys in legal store?
    I ask a few buyers of these two sellers (fullmoonjerseys and king_84) about their experiences and all of them said me they are very satisfied with the seller and the jerseys are original! Most of them are from the USA, so I pressume they were informed what are they going to buy?

    I found a few more sellers, could you please confirm if they are aslo selling fake jerseys:

    And could you please, when you’ll have some free time, find some seller(s) who sell original jerseys (Swingmans) on ebay and here the link(s)?
    Thank you

  231. can anyone tell me if this jersey is genuine?

  232. Hei.

    Can someone please help me out to identify this jersey?

    Is it real or fake? How can you see it?

  233. Hi davyc3,
    I just want to ask something else.
    Do these sellers sell fakes?
    (I think this one sells fakes…)

    I think I’ve lerned how to recognize fakes by letter “M”. 🙂 But I’m not so sure where there are other jerseys. So could you please confirm me these are fakes (although they are very expensive):
    (this is one seller on italian ebay)

    And now the most important thing: it’s about seller fullmoonofjerseys I’ve already ask you about. A few times on this blog you said that he also sells fake jerseys. When I contacted him, guy told me that he buys closeouts, so a lot of stuff will always be a year out of date. And that’s correct. I give you a link for one item which, in my opinion, shows he really sells original jerseys (resolution on the other photos is too low).
    Again i pressume that by the letter “M”. Please tell me your opinion. It’s significant that he has a lot of purchases on the daily base! I can’t imagine that none og those buyers can’t recognize authentic jersey (they are almost from the USA), and there is almost no any negative feedback.

    I’ve already order one of his jerseys so I’ll be able to tell you my experience when it arrives.
    Once again thank you very much!

  234. “But I’m not so sure where there are other jerseys.”
    I mean other letters! Please correct it.

  235. And seller is “fullmoonjerseys”, not “fullmoonOFjerseys”!
    I made mistake.


    one interesting thing about this seller fullmoonjerseys…

    • Rule number 1: If u suspect someone is selling fake jerseys, you’re most likely right. And stay the f away from them.

    are any of these jersey legit please let me know asap
    i might be wasting alot of money :\

    • Hi Devon, everything on that website is fake. Don’t waste your money on them.

      • THANK YOU. was able to cancel my oreder and get my money back. Do u know of any legit website where i can find swingman jerseys at a decent price. i work at a sports store and pay 60-70 bucks with my discount. think i can find a better price than that???

        Thanks again!

      • I think if you looking for the real stuff, yea, 60 – 70 is a good price for the current players jersey

  238. Why did you delete my longer post already twice?!
    There is one part of that longer post above whicj I want you to correct but there’s no initial post! And another post I wrote earlier was also deleted. Why that?!

  239. davyc3, please tell me why do you delete my posts? If you don’t want me to write here any more, it’s no problem, maybe I bother you. But it’s already three times that my posts are deleted immediately after been written. Thank you.

    • dude no one deleted you post. You post got put str8 to spam by because you put too much link and using the same comment same key words mutiple times. If you acturally want me to read your comment, don’t do things that will make wordpress place you on spam list. I am not available 24/7 just to check your problem for free, you know. U just have to wait for a reply until i get around to it like everyone else.

  240. real or fake?

  241. I’m about to buy some jerseys on craigslist and I got some actual photos early. Could you tell me if this is real or fake…and if fake what the dead give aways are? Thanks!

  242. Does an original (Swingman) NBA jersey should have some serial number inside? I read about it but I don’t know if it refers to older versions and not to Rev30 jerseys?

  243. Does this look fake before I buy it?

  244. Hello, I was wondering if this looks authentic to you? Thanks!

  245. Hi,

    Help me identify if this is real or fake.

  246. Hey, could you lend your expertise on these. I really looking for a kareem throwback and have a few leads but everything seems fake. Could you validate any of these links for me. Thank you.
    Lakers looks off center
    Looks like a stock photo
    I question the validity of the website. Thanks.

  247. I’m getting ready to purchase this jersey on ebay and after using your guide this seems legit. The size tag is skinny font and the logos seem to match up from other team photos i found. Does your eye catch anything?Thanks!,533829844,533829869,533829894,533829916,533829946&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0

    • Dude, thats not real. The shape is not right. Plus the seller is selling a lot of fake blank training jersey and jerseys on his/hers listing.

  248. Hey Davyc3,

    I am a seller on eBay looking for some expertise on my jersey collection before I make the listings. I mostly sell sports cards, sports memorabilia, collectibles, etc. I always try to be honest with my customers so I would like you to take a look at my pile of jerseys. All of these were given to me by my cousin and he told me some are real and some may have been fake or replicas. I have no idea how to tell which ones are authentic or fake. Most are from Reebok with a few Nikes. Majority of these were from back in the days when Shaq was in Miami, Jermaine was a Pacer, and Garnett and Cassell were Timberwolves. Some sizes are L/XL/XXL and Please help me out with this problem. Thanks!

    I hope you can see these pictures with the photobucket links.

    • hi Jonathan,

      Sorry to tell you that most of the jersey is not real. E.g. Danver jersey doesn’t have size 50; o’neal jersey font is wrong;timberwolves size tag got wrong font, number letter “4” is wrong; duncan’s name is wrong font; the only one looked real was the bucks ones.

      Kind regards,

  249. Is this jersey fake or not?

  250. And this:

  251. kindly check all these jersey hope to hear from you

  252. And mine?

  253. Can you tell if this is legit or not? Thanks!

  254. Hi again,
    take a look at this philippine site. There are all the fakes.

    But by the size tag this Nowitzki’s jersey should be original, shouldn’t it?

  255. Are these fake?

    Magic Johnson Hardwood Classics:

    Michael Jordan Bulls Finals Jersey

  256. Are these fake

  257. Hey, is this jersey fake? I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me out. Thanks.
    My pics:

    Ebay link:

  258. Is this jersey fake? I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me out. Thanks.
    My pics:

    Ebay link:

  259. And this one:
    Should be original?

  260. Is this fake? Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey

    I just bought this, and the blue Jordan logo in the top corner looks really dodgy. Also the stitching inside is dodgy.

  261. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me if this jersey is fake or real.

  262. Hi, great info. Could you help me detect these jerseys:



  263. Hi, im looking for a hardwood classic jerset of MJ and found one in ebay with cheap price (it is a used jersey). Can you tell me wheather this is authentic or fake:


  264. One more .. looking this indiana pacers granger:

    Thanks again!

  265. hey is this one real or fake?

  266. Hi thanks,, im still try to find real MJ jersey, Found this champion jordan 23 in ebay:

    Is this real as seller mentioned from 90’s ? thanks again bro-you are the best

  267. These are my alternatives, could you tell me which are authentic:



    Thanks thanks again

  268. Tell me please if there were Adidas Authentic jerseys of size 50 in the previous seasons? Like these ones:

    Or they are all fake and there’s no size 50?

  269. Hey there just wanted to ask about a couple jerseys here.. If you could help me to know if these are fake or not. I believe the Nike one is real and the reebok one is fake.. Any help would be awesome.

  270. Is this original?

  271. Is this jersey legit? Thanks!

  272. hey i just bought a michael jordan jersey but, it has “made in honduras”! Can you please tell me if it’s real or fake!?

  273. Hi to every body, it’s my first pay a quick visit of this weblog; this webpage contains awesome and in fact excellent data in favor of visitors.

  274. Hello there, thanks for setting up this blog, do you guys think this could be fake:

    also, what about this:

    Thanks a lot for your help!.

  275. Can you recommend a good online store that ships to new Zealand? Thanks

  276. Does this look legit too you? I don’t see easy signs of fake. Thanks!

  277. is this website selling replicas or fakes. Iwant to order but it seems to good to be true. the website is

  278. hey there is this one fake?… , thanks!.

  279. Can I get someone’s opinion on this jersey here . Looks legit to me .

  280. Can I get someone’s opinion on this jersey here

  281. Are any of these 5 real? I did some research and it seemed like legit jerseys are made in Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, and Korea. Would appreciate your expert eye. Thanks!

  282. Are these two real please mate??

  283. I know your article says stay away from eBay but I’m looking to score a game cut jersey that’s not made anymore and willing to dish out the money if this is legit. Thanks!

    • Auction description start off “selling for a friend” always rings alarm bell. Generally means if anything wrong seller gonna make excuses said its not their fault. I have an Vince Cater Procut jersey. on the side of the jersey, it has a tag says dry-fit which this one doesnt show.

    • It’s completely up to you whether you want to risk it or not.

  284. real or fake great article btw

  285. Hello! I found this article very useful! Can you help me with this jersey? I this its fake but not sure…

  286. Fake ?


    Real or fake because the neck look dif ?

    • everything on this website is authentic. Its just the matter of what version of the jersey you want: Replica, swingman or authantic.

  288. someone wanna help me out?

  289. Hi can you help me verify if this Tony Parker jersey is a fake? I did a side by side comparison with my genuine Tim Duncan jersey (white). One of my main issues, except for the obvious stitching flaws is that the jersey is Made in Vietnam, whereas my genuine Tim Duncan jersey is made in Honduras.
    I may also need your help with my paypal claim as an independent 3rd party to just state in an email to me that in your opinion the jersey is a fake. Really hope you can help me with this. Thanks!

    • Yes, mainly the side tag nba logo gave it away. The jersey is fake.

    • If you write up a template email, reply this comment and leave me your email. I will send it back to you.

      • Thanks man! Really appreciate it. Could you send me a blank email, I’ll write up a template then reply back to you with it so I don’t have to post the entire template here. Thanks alot.

      • Hi here are the pictures I took of the questionable jersey I was telling you about. The white jersey is one of my genuine jerseys from nba store, used as a comparison to the grey Tony Parker. I’m in the midst of writing up a letter for you to edit and sign off on, so please tell me how I can email the letter to you. Thanks so much again!

  290. I’m thinking the Bulls Logo on the back above the name makes this fake?

    • yes, thats the easiest give away, because back in the Nike nba jersey era, bulls jersey did not have the bulls team logo on the back. Well done!

      • If only Nike could do a ‘Hardwood Classics’ swingman jersey for Jordan. Would make life easier for people wanting a genuine endorsed jersey plus they’d make a bucket load of money that these ‘fakes’ are trying to cash in on. The Authentics on the NBA Store are just a bit too expensive for the majority of people. Might settle for the Hardwood Classics ‘Pippen’ jersey instead.

        Thanks for your confirmation and taking the time to help those of us that are less informed.

  291. Hi, could you please see if this jersey is fake, and if it is what are the giveaways?

  292. Hi, could you please see if this jersey is fake, and if it is what are the giveaways? Cheers

  293. Can you tell me if these are real / fake?

    Same seller…


    Is this site legit? They have instore photos of jerseys, ive noticed that fakes have a larger font on the names on the back, where as these have all the same sized letters and are even.

  295. Hi!!!!!!!i’ve just bought this swingman jersey….is it real or fake?????pleaseee answer me!




  296. hey,

    anybody knows this a store, they sells original stuff:


  297. Hey davyc3,

    thank you so much for doing this and sharing your knowledge with jersey-noobs like me 🙂 Your blog is awesome!

    I wish I had found it earlier though, since I already ordered a whole bunch of jerseys off ebay 😦 Would you mind taking a look at some of the following and take a guess whether those are fakes or not?

    And I have another question that I couldn’t find an answer to in this blog yet: If they turn out to be fakes, can’t I file claims through ebay or PayPal and calling them out to be selling fakes? I mean – it’s illegal! Won’t they get fired from ebay or something? PayPal should be able to get my money back if they are selling counterfeit products, right?

    A big Thank You in advance again. Keep up the good work, sir!

    • Thank you for visiting our blog. Lets get straight to it: 1st one seems ok; 2nd one, it listed as M but the photo is different size. The seller full moon jersey is notorious of mixing selling authentic and fakes. Just google it. If you send me the actual jersey photos i can look into it further. 3rd one seems ok; 4th one is fake.

      You can open a case on ebay after you received product. You can find all the information in the help tap.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you for your help. No. 1 and 3 have arrived by now.

        No. 1 is by the same seller as the 4th one, that you supposed to be a fake. And it’s also a “Hardwood Classics” jersey. It looks okay, but I ordered it from a seller said to be in New Zealand, while it was actually shipped from Hong Kong. That’s not a good sign I guess. One thing that struck me as an indicator for fakeness is the leftover-stuff of the numbers and names on the inside of the Jerseys. I don’t think an official one would have that.

        No. 3 actually looks very fine, as you said. I bought it from a German seller, but hell knows where he got it from before.

        I’ll post again when I the others have arrived.

  298.………….sir is the jersey in this pic a fake or not? they sell jersey and i’m planning on buying on them… thanks

  299. uczmgszrbftl

  300. Hi,

    Are these Lebron jerseys probably fake?

    I bought this jersey (the black one one with red trim) without doing my research then I checked online to see how to spot fakes after the fact. The small NBA logo tag on the bottom right hand side is attached to the white trim on the side rather than the front of the jersey as you demonstrated with the D-Wade jersey picture. It also came with no tag in the collar and was made in Vietnam.

    I also have to mention that the seller didn’t even send me the right one (jersey should say “Heat” on the front like in the pictures but it says “Miami”).

    Thanks so much.

  301. another thing sir, are all swingman jerseys made in honduras ligit? I saw a lot of it next to our store but I’m a noob in this thing so I really need your help thanks…..perfect blog

    • That depends. Adidas has different factory make jersey for different area these days. I will get an update from a adidas rep later.

  302. maltacibcvfi

  303. Hey bro, could you tell me if this jersey is real or not?


  304. Hi, could you help me with which of these might be real? If I had to guess, the first is real and the other 4 aren’t? I have never bought a jersey so I’d really appreciate your input! Thanks!

  305. Excellent thread Sir. Could you please tell me if this seller is legit? (the jerseys looks reliable to me but I’m not an expert.)

    Here is a specific jersey:

    (I notice that they have re-used the XL pics for the S version, which they are also offering.)

    Your opinions? Many thanks.

    • Thanks for visiting. These photo are promo photo straight of the official nba store, there is no way to tell from the photo. You can try to ask seller to send you the real product photos, if they dont want to send you the photos, take you business elsewhere.

  306. Hey i came across your blog & first off i just wanted to say your blog is really informative & stresses the fact that there are sweat shops out there selling fake jerseys. I was wondering if you could help me identify if this jersey i’m looking to buy authentic or not, thanks!

    • Its an authentic screen print replica jersey. Not worth buying because the screen print comes off easily after few washes.

  307. rnbqmqjwtrsp

  308. If it says Length +2 It’s fake ??

  309. This is very informative no wonder still updated after 3 years. I would be needing your advice on this

    please tell if this is fake or not. Thanks

  310. My brother suggested I might like this website.
    He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine
    simply how much time I had spent for this info!

  311. このセットア
    分に貯蓄を与えるさま – 彼

  312. Hi is this a fake mate ?

  313. is’s products real or fake?

  314. **********.com is their products legit?

  315. Very good post! We are linking to this particularly
    great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  316. You are awesome for providing this service for so long! Can you please tell me, is this real or fake?

  317. Hello There. I found your blog the use of msn. That is an extremely smartly written article.
    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly return.


    my boyfriend wants a retro jordan bullets jersey for his bday. does this look real? I don’t know of any official stores that make those still. Any suggestions.

  319. is reliable for real swingman jerseys?

  320. I’m not too familiar with the new rev30 jerseys, are the jerseys this guy posting real?

  321. I constantly emailed this weblog post page to all my
    contacts, since if like to read it then my contacts will too.

  322. I won a Golden State Warriors Monta Ellis jersey on Ebay for $28. The guy I bought it from said twice that he guarantees it is an Authentic swingman when I asked him. The seller even wanted to help me out by taking more pictures to prove that is is 100% Authentic

    I would really appreciate it a lot if I can get some helps in determining if the jersey is Legit or fake. Also the Adidas tag around the neck says Made in Honduras. Does that mean it is real or is it supposed to say Made in Vietnam?

    On the 3rd picture below that I requested from the seller, there is a black tag inside of the jersey and underneath there is a white tag showing that the jersey was made in 2010 which is when the new Revolution 30 jerseys came out. Is there any difference between the ones that were made in 2010 compared to now?


    First are the pictures I asked the seller to take of the jersey inside out and the tags too…














    • The links didn’t come out correct when I posted this. Just highlight the entire link from beginning to end “http – .JPG” and it will work correctly

    • The jersey seem legit. Congrats on the steal. Different area has different manufacturer.

      • I have another question…

        What about the pictures on the top that shows the jersey inside out? On numbers 1 & 2, it shows those paper like parts that you can pull off on the stitching of Ellis, Golden State and 8. I seen that fake Swingman jerseys do that.

        The one that I’m really not sure about is the 2nd picture that shows the word Golden State inside out. It shouldn’t be covered with all that white stuff right? That part makes me question if the jersey really is 100% Legit. I don’t think I seen Authentic Swingman jerseys sold at Champs showing that before.

        Please let me know. Thanks

  323. In the end, I was left with a feeling that I have absolutely no marketing background of any kind or sort was not at all within my field of
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  324. Hi davcy3! i’m trying to collect different classic jerseys like this one. is this a reliable site? if not do you know any that are? i’ve tried mitchell and ness dot com but they are a little pricey for me to be buying those..


    Hello davyc3 can you help to spot this jersey whether legit or not? thank you^^

  326. Hello i was wondering if you could tell me if this jersey is fake, and if the website is a legitimate one. I have been searching all around for this jersey and i would really appreciate it if you could confirm if the jersey itself is real, and if the website is real. Thank you for your time.

  327. hi i love your blog, its been really helpful to me, i’m a hornets jersey collection fan, i only miss the bucs jersey, i’m looking everyday in all internet pages seeing fake pages, i found this–3-Chris-Paul-Throwback-Swingman-Jersey-80196/1

    is it fake?

    sorry for my english, i’m from argentina, thank you for your time

    • Hi Juan,

      unfortunately, people cannot tell real or fake from a generic promo photo. But from browsing this website, some of the photos dose NOT match the product description. (e.g. they use Mitchel and Ness Jersey photos for adidas) Looks very suspicious. Avoid this website.

  328. Can you please tell me if this jersey is real or fake. Item # 261233146947 Thanks

  329. Do you know if this is real or not?

    Thank you

  330. What do you think about this store? I see same jerseys they have for $69.99 selling on Ebay for $220.00. Must be fake, right? Noticed in their policy section and FAQ section that they refer to themselves as “Official Dallas Cowboys Store” like they used to sell knockoff Cowboys gear and now have moved on to NBA jerseys.



  331. Hi mate,

    What do you think about this one, I did some research on internet it seems to be different than the usual Home jersey but the women told me that she bought it from a basketball shop in town, what do you think?

    Thanks for your time

  332. is this real or fake?

  333. Thanks for a great blog.
    Can you tell if this is real- some things look real and some look fake.

    Thank you

  334. Can you please help me if this is a legit or fake Revolution 30 swingman jersey? I purchased it on Ebay for $32. Seller says it is authentic. I know it shows the price tag sticker of $90, but other things on the jersey make me wonder like the NBA logo on the top near the chest. Does it look okay to you and also isn’t it supposed to be lined up with the Adidas logo and not going past, especially the bottom part of it? And the words “Portland” and “Roy” being too low on the chest and back, does that look legit too?

    Here is the link to see the pictures…

    Let me know. Thanks

  335. Is this an authentic swingman jersey?

  336. I just purchases a dwyane wade jersey from a site called It was supposed to be an authentic revolution 30 jersey, after seeing the jersey, I am not sure if it is authentic. I have pictures of the jersey… is there any way i could send them to you via email? It was suppose to be a Christmas gift for a huge Dwyane Wade fan, I want to get him a real one. Please help!

    • hi there, if you upload the photos onto a free photo hosting website such as photobucket or imageshack, then send the photo link to me, and I can have a look for you.


  337. Hi, I need your help. Is this swingman fake?
    Thanks in advance.

  338. Hi again, do you think that this one is also legit? Seller claims it is an official Nba store jersey…

  339. Does anyone make a real barkley jersey? thanks.

  340. Hi, can you please check if this is legit? Thanks in advance.

  341. Hey bro

    I was looking for someone with knowledge on fake\real jerseys, and I found your blog. You seem to be a pretty expert on it, can you please help me out regarding the authenticity of this jersey?

    Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.

  342. hey I was just wondering if you could tell me if any of these were fake:

    thanks in advance

  343. Hi, can you take a look at this Kobe Adidas Hardwood Classic jersey and tell me if its real or fake?


  344. Can anyone tell me if these are fake?

  345. Hi, I need your help. Do you think this jersey is legit? Thanks in advance.

  346. hi! i realy love your page, i’m trying to do a video in spanish to spot fake jerseys, 2 questions, the fake jerseys are made in taiwan and vietnam? and the new ones come with a QR code inside, i m aright? thank you!

  347. Please check if my jersey is a legit one or not… Thanks!

  348. Can you look at this is this a fake

  349. Hey, just now stumbling across your blog. Don’t know if you still respond on here, but could you please tell me if this jersey I just bought is fake or not? Thanks.

  350. Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your
    site, how could i subscribe for a blog web site? The account aided me a
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  351. Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Hardwood Classics #8 Swingman Jersey Gold Is it real or fake? Hard for me to tell and would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

  352. Hey I was wondering if this Jersey is a fake
    It’s just the seller doesn’t sell other jerseys

  353. Hi, I was wondering if this vince carter jersey was fake?

  354. Hi,

    Could you please tell me if this seller is legit?

    Thanks a lot!

  355. Hey I’m wondering if you could tell me if this jersey is fake or not

  356. Hi, I wondering if this is legitimate?

  357. Hey man, (and the other jerseys from this guy) – that “NBA” tag along the top has me thinking nah?

  358. I left a comment on your other post but I’m not sure if it went through. Anyways, I was wondering if you could please help me with these 3 jerseys that I got thrifting. Thanks!

    View post on


  359. hello! love your review on fakes and authentics. can you please take a look at this jersey and maybe the seller? i actually just bought the laker jersey because it seemed legit. if you can reply asap would be awesome! thank you!

  360. Just came across your blog not sure if you still respond but want to know if this jersey is fake thanks in advanced

  361. Hi,

    Can you tell me if this is real or fake?

    Thank you, very appreciated.

  362. Hi davyc3 – I’m not sure if you’re still responding to comments since the last one was quite a while ago, but if you wouldn’t mind helping to inform my decision on a Michael Jordan jersey via ebay that’d be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks for your help!

  363. Hey man, like your blog. Would you mind taking a second to spot a fake for me?

    Stitching and embroidery looks good, but doesn’t feel right… I mean, do authentic swingmans have length +0? I’ve never seen that.

  364. HI! i hope you’re still watching this page… I’m just wondering if the jerseys that are being sold on amazon by addidas are they all real or fake?

  365. What do you think about this one . It’s used, obviously. Thanks a million in advance!

  366. Do you ever remember a Bulls Jordan jersey in the black alternate colorway being pulled from stores in 1998-1999 after he announced his retirement?

  367. Is there such thing as a Nike swingman jersey? I’m looking at lots of Jordan jerseys on ebay and they are all Nike.

  368. can you please tell me if this is real?

  369. Hi, I’m conflicted with this one and thought I’d ask:

  370. Hi, I’m thinking about buying the following jersey, but I’m not sure if it’s legit or fake. Could you help me out please.

    best ma


    these are the jerseys.

    best ma

    • Both are fakes unfortunately. If you find my information helpful, please give us a follow on Instagram or Subscribe to my channel on YouTube. There will be more jersey relayed post in the future. Cheers.

  372. Hey mate
    Have you heard of 2kgoat?
    Seller found on FB
    Wondering if they are fakeys. Must be

  373. is this one fake

  374. Hello, are those jerseys fake? Would you please help me? Thank you !

  375. Hi, I saw this one on eBay and unfortunately, I already bought, but need to know if it’s fake. What do you think? I bought the youth medium size.

    The lighting of the pictures looks pretty bad and the little dots in the number 2 look a little too pinkish.

  376. Hi,I just bought on a vintage shop a Michael jordan jersey from champion. The material seems not cheap but the jersey has no side cuts and there s a strange tag sewed inside with Japanese letters. The seller says that this tag was added later to sell it in Japan. Could be possible?

  377. Hello, Can u tell me if this jersey is a genuine or a fake?
    Thanks a lot !

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